You are Infinite potential in human form

Interstitial Transcendence

The space between

is the portal into Truth.

In the space between Words

Where Silence is resonant.

In the space between Breath

from retention is Stillness.

The space between movement

is penetration into Vibration.

Where there is Nothing but a

Void into Nothing

This Nothing is Everything.

The Only thing.


From the Space between legs

where Creation is conceived

and Creativity Is.

The portico of birth and rebirth.

The action is not proaction.

It is not the seeking of,

the attainment,

a quest.

It is a consequence of

concentrated tratakum.

It is the targeted Presence at

the epicentre of Source.

It is the state of dissolution

in the being of Being.

Truth is to be entered

in the spaces between.

Practical Path to Healing

There is no one way to access the path of healing. In my direct experience healing is made accessible through prayer, emotional release and Journey work, hands on energy transmission, distance healing, yogic and Kabbalistic tools and technologies and any other method that connects us to the Self. Ultimately it is a gift of grace when healing, either spontaneous or cellular takes place. In my experience there is so much ‘to do’ and ultimately nothing to do at all. I have witnessed miraculous remissions and returns from death’s door take place in all the different ways possible. And I witness these constantly.

The goal of Aruna Yoga is to awaken you to this infinite healing potential. The yoga practice awakens the latent, internal power and it does so by raising the Kundalini Shakti in a vertical ascent from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. As this happens consciousness is awakened and a meeting with the infinite Self occurs. This is the science of Yoga. There is also a simultaneous energy from the heart and through the heart that happens that is more of a horizontal energy from east to west. Paramahansa Yogananda calls this Christ consciousness and its fabric is unconditional love. This energy when externalised into a transmission of healing force emits through the hands, which is what hands on energy healing is in essence.

These two energy directions of the Yogic Science of Kundalini from root to crown and the love and healing energy from left to right forms a cross that meets at the heart centre. The yogic system of chakras includes the lower triangle of three base chakras and the upper triangle of the higher energy centres. When the lower and upper triangles meet, they connect at the heart in the form of the Star of David. The Star of David is called the Magen David (דויד מגן) in Hebrew, which means shield or protection as it protects the heart, our source of unconditional love. The cross represents Jesus and the crucifixion which represents transformation. Thus all confluence from all directions (north to south – Kundalini; east to west – Christ consciousness) meets at the heart. This is the core from which all healing takes place and from which the miraculous is made possible. The heart is the home of our essence, our love, our true Self. One could then encapsulate healing then as love. God = love. It really is that simple.

cross chakras.jpg

I grew up with a family of healers. My great grand father was said to be known in his village in Lithuania for hands on healing and people would come to him to receive the transmission of healing from his touch. I was always exposed to what we called spiritual healing from childhood. When my grandmother was diagnosed as terminal as her breast cancer had metastasized beyond what was at that time in the 60’s medically treatable, it was ‘spiritual healing’ or hands on healing that completely healed the tumours all over her body. So I grew up always knowing that this secret, whispered possibility to heal beyond the paradigm of the known was available. I was told since childhood that I am a healer and it was only through the meeting of the science of yoga and the Christ consciousness energy of unconditional love that the true manifestation of this power to effect healing emanated through me. And it revealed infinite possibility and miraculous healing. From physical pain to tumours disappearing to fertility, to truly manifesting the miraculous. As Yogi Bhajan said, “be realistic, plan for a miracle.” This is truly my motto.

How is this possible? Through Self enquiry and Self realization, through releasing blocked emotions, through the power of the word through intention and prayer and through directing the unseen energy through ancient tools and technologies that yoga, Kabbalah and other modalities offer.

I have spent the last decades developing the Self as channel for healing and do not purport to have it all down! There are so many tools available, so many paths and languages to come to healing. I am humbly sharing the tools that I use and that appear to work. This is what Aruna Yoga is: to show you how you can heal both yourself and others. To develop the tools through yoga and consciousness to heal anything that is ready to be freed and released. Ultimately it is up to grace if, when and how this healing will happen. But with Aruna Yoga we do whatever we can to encourage grace along her way!

Aruna Yoga is about freeing yourself from limiting tendencies

Aruna Yoga Teacher Training starting this August 2018 in Holland!

Sat Nam!

I have been deeply immersed in the most creative process that I want to share with you! I have written my first book, developed a unique programme for healing and self awareness that is about to be launched in August in Europe!

I am sharing it with you because you have been a part in your way of its development and influence. You have probably studied with me, done some of my sessions, attended a workshop or joined me for a journey. At some level, your influence is here in this new work and I want to share it as it grows, develops and becomes its own voice. Aruna Yoga has its own destiny. It is part of awakening consciousness and it is here to teach YOU how to become more self aware and to heal deeply at the level of body, emotion and spirit!

In this video I explain about what is unique about this training. Yes, it is a Yoga Alliance accredited program, and yes you will come out of the full training with the tools available to responsibly teach yoga. But I have developed this training as well to be a tool for you and your growing self awareness. It may be used for a brand new beginner of yoga but also for a long term practitioner. It is an embodiment of tools and technologies within yoga and beyond that access the Self, that connect us deeper and that access the realm of healing and self realisation.

We start in August 2018 and will end in May 2019 in Holland during which time we will go on a journey of self discovery together, one in which we will discover our games, patterns, emotional blocks. One whereby we will drop the layers that obscure us from our infinite creative potential. There are many yoga teacher training available today but Aruna Yoga is somewhat unique. It offers in its scope really tapping into the self at the deepest level and allowing that realisation to infuse in our lives in a healthy, wholesome, conscious way.

Because it is so much more than a yoga teacher training, I am opening the door for you if you simply want to attend a module or day. You will be able to receive the benefits of the practices, tools and process work and still integrate what you get into the flow of your life.

The details of the program are as follows:

We will look at various topics from the nature of the Self, and self enquiry to the philosophy of yoga, the energetics of Yoga and Yoga psychology, chakras, physical and energetical anatomy,movement, posture and sacred geometry of the body, Vayus, Pranayama and the breath into stillness, Mudras, Meditation, Mantras, Kabbalah, Healing and more!

The total costs for this training are 2800 euros (so 140 euros per day). This includes a manual, vegetarian/vegan soup for lunch and tea & water during the training days.

If you just want to be there on certain days, for the deepening of your own practice, that’s welcome. Single days are 150 euros per day, including soup and tea, not including the manual.

This Teacher Training consists of 20 days of attendance, spread out across 5 weekends.


  • Weekend 1: Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 August 2018

  • Weekend 2: Thursday 11: Friday 12, Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 October 2018

  • Weekend 3: Thursday 17, Friday 18, Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 January 2019

  • Weekend 4: Thursday 28, Friday 29, Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 March 2019

  • Weekend 5: Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 May 2019

If you feel called, join us in this process of self awareness and healing.

To register click here

For more information

See you in August in Holland!

With love,


DJ Divine: Unwind Rewind with Marilyn Ambach

Sat Nam,


I had the most divine opportunity to be hosted on Marilyn Ambach’s radio show, Unwind, Rewind and talk about my favourite loves: Yoga, Music and inner connection.

Click here for the blog and radio show with Marilyn Ambach

It was truly amazing to share some of my favourite music, to be in the zone and let the Divine DJ create a flow of eclectic music and inspired thought on yoga and its magic.

So many of you ask me for my playlists, of which I have many. The main one is Aruna Yoga and it grows regularly to reflect my current musical vibes. Here it is if you want to hear more and see how I blend mantra and other genres to create inner connection.



Deepest love


The Guru-Sisya Dynamic: From darkness to light


The Sanskrit word guru has long since been accepted into modern lexicon to describe the role of teacher. It has in fact many connotations, from VIP, to teacher to expert. The name itself derives form the words, ‘gu’ meaning darkness and ‘ru’ which is dispeller of darkness through the bringing of light.

The process of self realization is predicated on the dynamic between guru and disciple or sisya. Self realization is said to rely on finding one’s guru and being guided to realize the light within us. But it is a process.

Our first guru is the mother, the second our father. We are then exposed to teachers throughout our lives that inspire our potential to be realized. These too are our gurus. I had a few growing up, from my first Hebrew teacher who opened the passion for learning, to my English teacher in high school who ignited a love for the word. She saw something in me and had the acumen to cultivate it. English became my passion and a life long connection to the word developed under her tutelage into a relationship with words, writing and poetry. My early twenties were characterized by me dropping into some form of expression of creativity through writing. As time progressed this connection to the word developed into a spiritual practice predicated on the power of intention or prayer. Today I am well known to drop into prayer, so deeply connected to the efficacy of the word to consciously create that I have been inspired to truly live on all levels.

Over the next two and a half decades I spent my every moment in pursuit of what is referred to as the sat guru. Sat is truth and the sat guru is the one that takes the aspirant to the realization of self, to the highest recognition of the light that is our essential nature. The pursuit took me (and my loved ones who had to shlep along for the ride) all over the world, to masters that were still in body form, and to a few that had long since left body behind. Each offered a pearl of illumination on the growing mala (garland) of my expanding consciousness. Each dispelled another veil of the darkness that kept me separate from my true Self.

The guru sometimes reveals itself in ways that are less obvious. The person you are most challenged by, the one that presses your buttons can be the real teacher to show you who you truly are beyond your reactivity. Your triggered response to people, actions or situations can be just as revelatory as the guru in the saffron robe or the baba in the loin cloth.

When the fallibility of the human guru with its concomitant disappointment led me to abandon the external search and look within me and to seek the guru that was free of form, I finally came to peace. That guru that I had been seeking was here all along in the form of the light within me. This light illuminates whatever wisdom is needed in the moment to expose truth.

I bow to each of them, to every guru that graced my path. They taught me in many ways either through the offering of knowledge, to the exposure of who not to be, or through the ultimate teaching which was to connect me the wisdom inside of me. Throughout my life all these mentors, gurus and teachers have pulled away whatever is obscuring the truth within me.

To come to realize the self is a universal destiny, inevitable now or later. The dynamic of guru-sisya will always be here for us to move from our minds to our hearts, from the darkness to the light. May you be blessed to find your mentors, guides and sat guru that will bring you home to the Self to the realisation that the true guru is here, right now within you.

With love and blessings,



The Aruna Vision

Almost seven years have slipped by since my move to Israel. The move here has appeared as a fugue state in this dream, called life.

It seems that in this leela we are called to places, to surrender ourselves into the hands of destiny and to offer ourselves in service wherever we arrive. Seven years ago I knew that I was called to Israel for something, and my arrival here was like landing in a veritable fire of presence, transformation and awakening.

A deep remembrance of self has taken place over this time and through my process a clear vision for service was conceived. The vision has been transmitted in various ways and in significant places over this seven year cycle. At essence my purpose is to serve humanity through healing and awakening to the intrinsic self. The gestation of this vision has birthed Aruna, a healing modality that uses yoga, meditation and emotional release work to realize the self.

In the process of unveiling, I saw three aspects:

  • Israel awoke the inner experience of the vibration of the letter Aleph and the vibration of Hebrew and offering of Kabbalah.
  • India called me eternally to take me home to yoga, to the union with self. Mata Ganga offered me the vision of the AlephInfinity that my father put into form, as an amanuensis to my Divine creativity.
  • Arunachala showed me the outline of the mountain profile and whispered the name and teachings that are now called Aruna.

All three encapsulate the holy trinity that is the foundation for Aruna and its expression.

My beautiful friends Sandra and Gary turned this triad into art that merges all three aspects into one beautiful expression of the highest vision: to serve through this teaching, to heal, to awaken and to offer the tools to realise the Self to all.


May the holy trinity inspire you as it has me. May you remember who you truly are.

Sat Nam



DOA! (Dead on Awakening)

Amidst the mayhem and drama of 2017, where my life as I knew it fell into an unrecognizable shambles, the universe or this ‘god’ thing, threw an extra bit of juice in the blender, an extra spoke in the wheel of my evolving consciousness. There is a belief that I seem to have that whatever is here, is arising for my highest good, to keep me present, wake me up from complacency and get me home to the Self. I like to simplify these wake up calls under the title of the “triple D’s“: Death, Divorce and Diagnosis.

The Triple D’s offer ample scope to direct your awareness deep into the core of your Truth, and if recognized as such, are usually the greatest gifts along our evolutionary paths.

Apparently Divorce alone wasn’t enough. Death of all that I knew my life to be, myself to be, my identity deceased. DOA! (Dead on Awakening)! Not enough!

Because I am so lucky and such a good student ;-), I got to get a Diagnosis thrown into the mix of a really challenging year. In May last year, after much testing and investigation, I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Now it’s not the worst diagnosis you can get out there in the field of the Triple D’s. Although treatable if caught early enough, it is incurable, degenerative and if left untreated, the pressure on the optical nerve will lead to loss of peripheral vision and then blindness. Not great, right?

My ophthalmologist may have assumed me to be crazy, and you, dear reader may agree, but I asked him to give me some time before starting medical treatment. My response to the diagnosis, was, to say: Listen, I have something in my pocket that you don’t, the ability through the release of emotional blocks to heal the body naturally. I was actually elated as I came home to share the news with my loved ones. There amidst the shock of the diagnosis was a palpable excitement that the universe was offering my eyes as my own little laboratory of Self.  I have a chance to be my own little guinea pig and see if I could actually heal something this big for myself. This seemed like a generous gift from Shiva and the Gods of destruction and transformation, that like to see me awaken through letting some shit hit the fan. No impending death pressure, some time and space on my hands and off I went to put my money where my eyes are.

If you know me a bit you will know that I am pretty much focused on being present, on healing and on awakening to the Self. Everything else seems black and white in the wake of the technicolor of Self realization. I spent the last couple of decades learning various healing modalities, yoga and then some and came some years ago to the Journey work that was utterly life transformational. At the time I met Brandon Bays and the Journey work, my sister was terminally ill, with the clock ticking and no plan B. The Journey became her plan B and within 7 weeks she was utterly healed of lung and brain cancer and remains so to this day.

That seriously got my attention and I dove head first into healing, to experience a series of miraculous healings. Tumours would disappear after days, sometimes seconds, bones would grow, pains mysteriously disappear, warts, cysts and back ache seemed to be gone. It was and is a miracle fest and I am gobsmacked in the face of it. So much so that my life path diverted somewhat and healing and deepening into this that heals became how I spend my days and some nights. I once joked, that if I would get a tattoo, it would read:

Be realistic, plan for a miracle!

My certainty for the miraculous to unfold was immutable. At least for my clients and beloveds.

And then my diagnosis…amidst a whole lot of chaos and life change, seemed like a lot of work and it fell on the back burner as I tried to pick up the pieces of shamble that resembled what I used to call life. It was easy for me to facilitate others in their own healing path, but there was something jarring when it came to giving myself the time and attention to do the work to release the emotional blocks behind the glaucoma.

I made sure that I got some Journey processes, I stayed finely tuned in to what I used to call a spiritual practice but to what I now call, ‘sitting on my ass, shutting the fuck up and going deep inside of myself’, home to the truth of my being. Throw in a few prayers and that was pretty much it.

This ‘truth of your being’ business doesn’t sound like much. But when one meets this that is the source of Self, this infinite emptiness that has no limit, but presents as pure love, peace, stillness, omniscience, divinity…no words can encapsulate this meeting of Self or God or Truth. In the union with this, healing is accessible, inevitable. And it is available here and now. Here is is the God-like Self, the Infinite Self that does what is needed to be done. It is epiphanic as it shows from the perspective of omniscience, the bigger picture.

My bigger picture revealed that my eyes were manifesting my fear of really seeing what I didn’t yet have the courage to see. And when this readiness to truly SEE arose, so this pressure was able to subside.

And so it did. My peripheral vision well and truly expanded.

And you know, for someone on the brink of a really bad tattoo, I noticed some palpable doubt arise about my ability to manifest my own miraculous healing as I sat yesterday morning at the ophthalmologist’s office. Until the doctor’s diagnosis was spoken:

No. There is no glaucoma. Your eyes are fine.

DOA. Dead on awakening. Doubt, fear, blocks, all gone. All the obstacles to full optimal health and well being obviated! Perhaps the universe is ready for me to really see. To open into a greater vision of Truth.

Let’s all wait and SEE!

Sat Nam and excited yelps of delight!



Self Enquiry

Aruna Yoga is about the discovery of self, self awareness through yoga and meditation.

The fundamental tenet of the teachings of Aruna Yoga is Self enquiry.

Ramana Maharshi espoused Self enquiry a method for spiritual awakening.

“What is essential in any sadhana [spiritual practice] is to try to bring back the running mind and fix it on one thing only. Why then should it not be brought back and fixed in Self-attention (To this feeling of ‘I’)? That alone is Self-enquiry (atma-vichara). That is all that is to be done!”


Self-Enquiry is an awareness of the awareness itself. It leads us beyond duality, because the object of meditation (the “I”) is ultimately revealed as the Subject itself (the transpersonal Consciousness).
Self enquiry is the constant attention to the inner awareness of “I” or “I am”. By directing vigilant attention to the I thought, it will disappear and only I or self awareness will remain. This results in an effortless awareness of being, and by staying with it, it gradually destroys the tendencies which cause the ‘I’-thought to rise, and finally the ‘I’-thought never rises again, which is Self realisation or liberation.
The yoga technologies help us to cut at the root of this “I” thought, to still the fluctuations of the mind matter that is in constant movement and find the stillness at the core of our being. This is Self. Yogi’s have called this meeting, irrespective of lineage, self realisation. It is the ultimate boon of all yoga practice. When we meet Self, it is done. There is nothing further to do, learn or achieve. It is indeed done.

May we dwell here in this place of Self, abide as it.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Love and Blessings,