Conversation on Truth with Daniel Wagner

Yesterday was a beautiful day, where I got to speak to Daniel Wagner on the healing power of yoga. We really got to converse deeply on Truth, the questions of ‘Who am I?’ and how we both found our relentless spiritual quest coming to stillness in the finding of our paths, whichever and however they may look!

daniel nicki.jpg

To watch our dialogue click here!

Daniel’s website is a meeting place for those who are, simply conscious 😉

Please visit it, sign up and stay tuned in to a growing community of like minded consciousness. I feel blessed to be a part of it!

Please feel free to leave comments and share your feedback!

Sat Nam





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  1. Thanks for posting this here Nicki. I loved our conversation on truth. So encouraging to know one is not alone in this quest for meaning and purpose. You’re an incredible inspiration to so many. May your light shine.

    • It was a true pleasure, and one I feel may help to spread the light of awakening consciousness. This is at least my heartfelt prayer. I’m feeling hugely blessed to be able to shine alongside of you.

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