On Courage, again…

These are two separate pieces I wrote on Courage, at a time in my life where I have been most called upon to find some. It is not easy, at no point do I feel courageous or brave. At times I feel like I am holding on to the edges of a boat so as not to capsize into the tumultuous waves of life that are rocking all stability. At times I am thrown too into the water and then courage is needed to wade my way back. Or sometimes just drown.

When I wrote Part 1, I felt courage to be an impetus for action. Now I feel that it is nothing but the ability to stay here in the tsunami that engulfs everything. And being willing in this, not to die but to live in it. Through it.

Today courage is being splayed open to fear.

It is being fully present.

It may be time to get out of the boat and to watch the storm from the water’s edge. Where I can feel both the ground beneath me and the simultaneous washing of the ocean’s caress. From here I meet the place beyond both fear and courage that I mention in Part 2.

Meet me here?

Sat Nam


Courage…Part 1

(August 2016)

What is courage? Is it a new found emotion that I have yet to encounter? 

Courage isn’t found in words. It is born of the power within you to act on the knowing that whispers through beneath the din of the mind’s chatter.

Courage means living with integrity and holding true to what you know to be right, even if every thought from your mind begs you to do otherwise.

Courage is in letting go when you don’t want to, but staying true to what you know is in the highest and best.

Courage is outrageous, draws on every impetus that you have to be able to live aligned to your truth.

Courage means all acceptance and all compassion especially for yourself.

Courage requires the ‘rage’ of ‘cœur’, the fire of the heart, propelled by a momentum that defies mind and its limitations.

Courage is acting now and in clarity.

Courage is in saying no even when it takes every morsel of your power to do so. Courage is in saying yes despite it defying all logic. Saying yes to Self.

Courage is there as an undercurrent, like presence or awareness. It is not something you have to acquire or garner. It is an extant place to access, like a secret doorway to limitless power.

Find the key to the doorway. Open it. Unlock and fall into the Unknown. Be content to not know. To never know. You never can. There is only the unfathomable. Here you are Home. 

OM sweet OM.

Courage… Part 2

(March 2017)

Courage is not the absence of fear,

but the ability to face it head on,

sit right in it,

in its core

and let its fire consume you.


Courage holds you still here,

where your impulse would be

to run, to hide, to distract.


Courage is like a hand, holding your head down

in the inevitably unavoidable

and not letting you run from this that is here.


Courage means stopping.

Staying still.


Right into the fear.

In the terror of all unknown.


Stay still here.

As all fear is consumed,

you may meet the root

from which courage is born.

From this fire of truth

courage will awaken from its dormancy.

Take you through somehow.

It’s not even you doing any of it.

There, beyond this

you may meet Self,

stripped naked of

both its cloaks

of fear and courage.

Absent of it all

into the emptiness of Self.



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