New Year, New Beginning

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As the summer draws to a close, the start of a new cycle is birthing. This last cycle has been for me a rollercoaster turn on the wheel of my reality, providing me with daily opportunity to live in the presence of the very teachings I espouse.

I spent many years immersed in copious study, seeking various teachings, tools and healing. I was on an insatiable quest for teachings or Gurus on the outside. My hunger for truth led to me the feet of some of the greatest masters on this planet, to holy pilgrimage, to continue on this eternal search for truth. Until one day, I found what it was that I was looking for.

This was myself. Not me as in my personal identity, neither Nicki Forman, nor any aspect of this form or its story. In one cataclysmic moment the search party ended and I found what I was looking for. And it was here, right from where I had been looking. The Formless Self.

Here I met the Guru within. This Guru reveals through light all the teachings that are here right now in this moment. Whether it is revealed through the form of my life story, what arises in the now, in the form of circumstance, relationship or dynamic. All teachings are as they always were: right here, right now.

They reveal themselves though the emotions that arise and a gentle welcome of them just as they present. They reveal themselves through the deeper awareness I endeavor to have of myself. I ask myself who am I? How am I reacting? What is arising? I differentiate ‘story’ from self. And I observe. I watch. If it is here, it is a relevant teaching and I welcome it just as it is.

In this last cycle new teachings have emanated through me. They appear in the form of yoga, with flavours of diverse lineages of hatha yoga, but they have at their core the simplicity of self enquiry. The invitation to be present, to be still, to be here just as here presents.

I invite you to join me in this discovery of Self. My weekly Aruna Yoga classes resume on the 17th September 2017 in Herzliya Pituach. I will also be offering monthly workshops, children’s yoga and aim in 2018 to give a Yoga Alliance accredited Aruna Yoga teacher training offering these tools for personal transformation in Breda, Holland at Yogasite starting in August 2018.

There is no need to be flexible or even physically able to practice Aruna Yoga. It’s aim is to open up to emotional blocks that are released using the technology of the various lineages of yoga, pranayama and meditation. It is a healing practice which aim is to awaken you to YOU: to your true nature, to the freedom, peace and truth that is within us all!

I invite you to join me fifteen minutes earlier to enter into silent meditation for each Aruna Yoga practice. Please come in and settle in the stillness. When the practice begins, the teachings of Aruna Yoga will flow from this very stillness, from this that is present.

Please see and click on the link for classes for the schedule and recommendations for practice.

May this new cycle be still, peaceful, loving, joyous and divine.

May I be used to serve, to remind, to remember.

May we abide in the stillness of Self, intoxicated in and by its Divine Love.

Blessings for a miraculous new cycle.

Sat Nam,







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  1. We are looking forward to join your great class again. Can’t wait.

  2. Can’t wait too!

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