Aruna Yoga Teacher Training, Herzliya, Israel

The Aruna Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Programme will be launched in Israel starting in January 2019. The training is an accredited Yoga Teacher Training programme after which you will be a certified Aruna Yoga Teacher.

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Requirements & Content:

This Teacher Training consists of 20 days of attendance, spread over one year. We will meet 2 days a month (excluding the July and August period). You need to be present all of these days to receive a certificate.

The following topics will be covered over the duration of the course:

  • What is Yoga?  Insights into the philosophy of yoga
  • What is Aruna Yoga and the Aruna Yoga Sutras
  • The energetics of Yoga and Yoga psychology, chakras, physical and energetical anatomy
  • Movement, posture and sacred geometry of the body
  • Vayus, Pranayama and the breath into stillness
  • Healing modalities within Aruna Yoga
  • Mudras
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Developing a personal sadhana
  • Teaching methodology and teaching a class or working with private clients
  • Theoretical test

During the training you are expected to journal and to cultivate your intention. As a large part of the training is about cultivating a personal practice, you will choose and commit to a meditation practice. You’ll receive details about the journalling and meditation during the first meetings.


The total costs for this training is 11,800 NIS (590 NIS per day). A commitment to the full training is recommended as the programme offers a personal process in addition to the teachings of healing, yoga and therapeutics.

If you just want to be there on certain days, for the deepening of your own practice, that’s possible too. Single days are 650 NIS per day.

Payment plan options are available.

AYTT Israel dates 2019-2020 (9:00-16:00)

  1. 31st January 2019
  2. 1st February 2019
  3. 28th February 2019
  4. 1st March 2019
  5. 4th April 2019
  6. 5th April 2019
  7. 30th May 2019
  8. 31st May 2019
  9. 20th June 2019
  10. 21st June 2019
  11. 12th September 2019
  12. 13th September 2019
  13. 24th October 2019
  14. 25th October 2019
  15. 21st November 2019
  16. 22nd November 2019
  17. 12th December 2019
  18. 13th December 2019
  19. 30th January 2020
  20. 31st January 2020

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