Almost seven years have slipped by since my move to Israel. The move here has appeared as a fugue state in this dream, called life.

It seems that in this leela we are called to places, to surrender ourselves into the hands of destiny and to offer ourselves in service wherever we arrive. Seven years ago I knew that I was called to Israel for something, and my arrival here was like landing in a veritable fire of presence, transformation and awakening.

A deep remembrance of self has taken place over this time and through my process a clear vision for service was conceived. The vision has been transmitted in various ways and in significant places over this seven year cycle. At essence my purpose is to serve humanity through healing and awakening to the intrinsic self. The gestation of this vision has birthed Aruna, a healing modality that uses yoga, meditation and emotional release work to realize the self.

In the process of unveiling, I saw three aspects:

  • Israel awoke the inner experience of the vibration of the letter Aleph and the vibration of Hebrew and offering of Kabbalah.
  • India called me eternally to take me home to yoga, to the union with self. Mata Ganga offered me the vision of the AlephInfinity that my father put into form, as an amanuensis to my Divine creativity.
  • Arunachala showed me the outline of the mountain profile and whispered the name and teachings that are now called Aruna.

All three encapsulate the holy trinity that is the foundation for Aruna and its expression.

My beautiful friends Sandra and Gary turned this triad into art that merges all three aspects into one beautiful expression of the highest vision: to serve through this teaching, to heal, to awaken and to offer the tools to realise the Self to all.

May the holy trinity inspire you as it has me. May you remember who you truly are.

Sat Nam