Sat Nam,

One year ago, I birthed the Aruna Yoga Programme into the world. 
The programme is a year long process designed as a Yoga Accredited Teacher Training whereby you are given the tools of various practices of yoga, meditation, healing, Kabbalah, emotional release work and self enquiry to connect to your true Self.

I was blown away at the end of this first cycle in Holland, Europe where I was privileged enough to graduate the first batch of Aruna Teachers into the world.

It was nothing short of miraculous to watch the students imbibe the teachings, apply them and come into their truest Selves, into true mastery! 
Aruna offers ways to live life in its fullest expression beyond the mat! I watched the graduates as they embark on their paths, to truly live an embodiment of the teachings of Aruna consciousness in every aspect of their lives. 

Aruna Yoga classes are now available in different countries in Europe and soon many more Aruna teachers will be birthed into Israel.

I am blessed to share this unique work, and to partner with you in revealing the truth with you: the teacher, the light and the love that is at your very essence. 

Through Aruna you get to connect with that essence!

Aruna Yoga Training/Life Programme Israel in beginning 2020:

The next Yoga Alliance Accredited Aruna Yoga Training/Life Programme here in Israel starts again in February 2020. It will be ongoing monthly meetings of two days a month. 

Click here for dates and information for the next Aruna Foundational Training Programme!

In addition I will offer an integration course starting in February 2020 that will meet once a month. This is a practical training offering the practices and emotional work that is at the essence of Aruna’s core. It is for those that have graduated from Level 1 foundational course but also open to anyone wanting to dive into the practice of Aruna Yoga in action!

Click here for more information on the Aruna Integration Programme
The vision of Aruna is far reaching. It is an offering of natural, accessible healing and medicine of the body, mind and soul to all. I have a deep prayer for this work to spread throughout the world in all realms. Wherever needed, these tools are here to be made accessible for all without exception!

Click here to join us for this transformational Aruna Process!

Looking so forward to this new beginning with inspired energy and where infinite possibility abounds!

Love and blessings,