As I lay on the beach this morning, the high tide washed me, my bag and towel away. I managed to save my phone from a NDE (near drowning experience) and had no choice but to head to the sea.

I swam for a while and then came to rest on the seashore. Not having a towel, I simply took the water’s edge as my endless towel. I had no plan to practice yoga, but the water apparently had her own plans. As I sat there, the current of the sea, and the water’s directive moved me at her will. I found myself in synchronicity with the water, my body, my breath and the interconnection between the current that flowed through the water and myself simultaneously.

It was one dance, a movement choreographed by the current of the water. I stayed in tune as an unexpected wave would guide my leg behind me into a yoga pose, the knock me from my seat, caress me with softness, then whack me in the face. There was no judgment for what the sea’s dictate was, just a subtle acquiescence to her flow. I was literally going with the flow and through that surrender to the current, the union of the Self and nature guided me through the perfect yoga practice and directly to the source of the Self, which is true Yoga or Union.

As I danced with the sea, the question ‘who am I?’ arose. As if in answer to that question, a small heart shape stone washed up onto me. It was a stone made of infinite colours and pieces that had been sculpted into form by timeless waves. I am that: an amalgamation of different rocks, colours and shaped into love. A perfect answer in the moment my heart inquired of its own true nature.

The ultimate messenger for me is Nature herself. She speaks wordless Truths, guides and embraces us as we connect to her. Going with the flow is the message nature whispered to me as she took my possessions and showed me how to connect to my Self, if I would be willing to release control and judgment. The flow of life is constantly doing the same and if we stay tuned to the current of the ocean of consciousness, we will be carried by the ebbs and flows of the tide.

Try resist a wave, try oppose a current and see what happens. The same is true for life. If we can learn to rise and fall with the waves of life’s undulations, when we surrender to what is, the ocean of consciousness will carry us back to the source of our Self, back to the peace and connection that is within us all.

May your day be inspired by Presence to what is and may the wisdom of Nature be your guide.

Sat Nam,