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The Choreography of the Sea

As I lay on the beach this morning, the high tide washed me, my bag and towel away. I managed to save my phone from a NDE (near drowning experience) and had no choice but to head to the sea. I swam for a while and then came to rest on the seashore. Not having a towel,...

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Aruna Updates: Aruna Yoga Programme News

Sat Nam,One year ago, I birthed the Aruna Yoga Programme into the world. The programme is a year long process designed as a Yoga Accredited Teacher Training whereby you are given the tools of various practices of yoga, meditation, healing, Kabbalah, emotional release...

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Aruna: Embodied Consciousness

Live it, breathe it, be it. Embody it. Aruna is embodied consciousness.Full integration of presence in every aspect of life.Here. Now. Awareness way beyond the yoga mat and applied into...

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Aruna’s Birth in Israel

The Aruna Yoga Teacher Training Programme launched in Europe at Yogasite in the Netherlands in August 2018. So profound a process, writing the manual, the curriculum and developing the course. I have been awed by the group, the energy transformation in Europe, healing...

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Interstitial Transcendence

The space between is the portal into Truth. In the space between Words Where Silence is resonant. In the space between Breath from retention is Stillness. The space between movement is penetration into Vibration. Where there is Nothing but a Void into Nothing This...

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