The Journey with Nicki

What is the Journey?

I came to the Journey some years ago. At the time my sister, Kim was terminally ill. She had been treated for metastasized lung cancer which had spread to the brain. The prognosis was dismal. The doctors at the time had said that there was no plan B. All the treatments had been given and there was nothing more that they could do. She was sentenced to limited time left alive, even the doctor telling us that “death is not the worst thing.” It turned out that the Journey was to be plan B. Within seven weeks, she was cleared of all cancer and remains clear of cancer to this day.

This was the first of many miraculous healings that took place through the Journey in my own life either to me, my loved ones, or people that I worked with. From then the Journey and the evolution of this work, has become for me the panacea for everything from physical illness, emotional malaise to just a profound and efficacious therapy that has the capacity to shift habitual patterning or release any emotional blockages.

What is the Journey?

The Journey is a healing technology inspired through Brandon Bays. It is a therapy and offers a superlative tool for life management. I always describe the Journey work as an holistic type of psychology. It targets an emotional block, offers brilliant tools to identify, access and eliminate the block and in so doing provide an opportunity for all types of healing to take place. It is like 20 years of therapy rolled into one 1½ to 2 hour long session, which actually clears the emotional root cause of the problem at hand with the additional benefit of a true engagement, and immersion into the deepest aspect of inner peace that is truly our core nature.

For those of us that are facing challenging aspects of life, be it disease, physical or emotional friction, infertility, an inability to find one’s life partner, or blocks with money, this list can go on and on… the Journey is an exceptional tool to effect a healing by clearing the emotional block that is at the root cause of whatever issue is showing up. It does so elegantly, using the infinite intelligence to naturally, effortlessly guide the process itself, allowing a cradled modus of clearing, releasing and healing to take place.

This is done through a process that welcomes whatever emotions are present, allowing these emotions to be there fully. Then seeing what is deeper than each emotion going through the various layers into the Source of our own being.

Source is at essence our true nature. Source may be expressed as peace, love, calm, light, joy, serenity, tranquility, nature or silence. The words used to describe our arrival to Self are as diverse yet always rest in a stillness, an all-pervasive embrace of peace and love that is at our essence. From Source all emotions are cleared and washed through and the real issue that needs to be worked through naturally and organically comes up and is available for clearing and healing.

This issue is revealed through an infinite intelligence that is the guiding force of the entire process itself. There is no need for concern that you are fabricating the issue, or that you will not be ready for that which comes up. Somehow this infinite intelligence guides you mellifluously to that which is ready to be cleared. Time to spring clean the soul and create the requisite space for greater health, happiness and wholeness.

These sessions provide a wonderful healing modality for anything and works brilliantly with children. In addition there are tools for curing phobias, managing pain, belief clearing, helping to manage and work with addiction and more.

Indeed the Journey creates a cord of interconnectivity with Self. It is true yoga, yoga meaning “union” between self and Self. The Journey peels back the veil of obfuscation that blinds us to our true nature, that of infinite joy, health, love, peace, stillness and truth.

Join me to come home, to a true remembrance of Self.

For more information please contact Nicki +972 54 602 7599 or email

Nicki is available for private one one one Journey Process work. This  can be done in person or on Skype worldwide. Please see pricing for costs.

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