Yoga Workshops with Nicki

Aruna Yoga Workshop on Releasing Emotional Blocks


Join me at Yogalovers Studio led by Nele Van Poucke in mechelen, Belgium for an Aruna Yoga workshop on releasing emotional blocks.

Date: 11 May 2018

Time: 10:00-12:00

To book click here!

Aruna Yoga Workshop on Divine Interconnection in Breda, Holland

divine interconnection.jpg

The path of yoga awakens the self. It cultivates self awareness, higher consciousness and develops our relationship to a Supreme presence. This Connection may be called life, love, nature, God or Truth. Whatever its name, the Divine aspect of Self is attained and realised through the practice of Aruna Yoga.

Join Nicki in Breda for an Aruna Workshop to develop the Divine Interconnection. May your relationship to the Divine be awakened and inspire you to the highest levels of being.

Date: Friday 11th March

Place: Yogasite

Address: Dr. Struyckenstraat 163-165
4812 BC Breda

Time: 19:00-21:30

Cost: 35 EUR

Yoga Workshop to Turn on the Tap with Wesley Bassett and Nicki Forman in Antwerp, Belgium

Join Nicki and Wesley for a singular workshop on tapping into your ENERGY at it’s fullest power!

wes nicki workshop ay 2018

Let’s let the water flow until all blockages are loosened and the debris released. We have inside us multiple granthis (sanskrit for blocked areas). So let’s get our cells pumping to transform this energy inside us by moving, breathing and directing our awareness. Feel the flow!

Please join Wesley Bassett (Yoga Jivana) and Nicki Forman (Aruna Yoga) for a Spring workshop focusing on clearing stagnant energy. They will guide you through a practice that awakens your inner energy and enlivens your senses. They will move your mind and body through thought and movement, to help develop your skill of synchronisation with natural forces.

Suitable for all yoga students and levels.

Date: Saturday 12th March

Place: Radiant Light Yoga: Pierebeeckstraat 13a Wilrijk Antwerp

Time: 15:00-17:30

Cost: 45 EUR

To register click here!

Aruna Yoga Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training with Nicki Forman and Dorinda Farver

For information click here:For information and registration click here!

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