Workshops and Retreats

Aruna Yoga Workshop to awaken Sexual and Creative Energy

Join Nicki Forman for an Aruna yoga and meditation workshop to ignite your sexual energy, clear out blocks in the lower triangle and liberate your fullest creative capacity for union!

Date: 2nd March 2018

Place: Address on Reservation

Time: 10:00-12:30am

Cost: 200 NIS


Yoga Retreat with Wesley Bassett and Nicki Forman

Join Nicki and Wesley for a singular workshop on tapping into your ENERGY at it’s fullest power!


Most of us can feel depleted or drained during the darker winter months. Our bodies tend to slow down as the days become shorter. As there are certainly periods we need to take to allow the body/mind to go into hibernation mode, wears need to take care not to let the lethargy override us.

Please join Wesley Bassett (Yoga Jivana) and Nicki Forman (Aruna Yoga) for a mid winter workshop focusing on keeping your energy alive and buzzing. They will guide you through a practice that awakens your inner energy tand enlivens your senses. Thy will mov your mind and body through thought and movement, to help develop your skill of synchronisation with natural forces.

Winter is a time of cool crisp air and lustrous soft light. Lets bring ourselves in harmony with that.

Suitable for all yoga students and levels.

Date: To be confirmed

Aruna Yoga Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training with Nicki Forman and Dorinda Farver

For information click here:For information and registration click here!

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