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August 2019

aruna yoga workshop

Aruna Yoga Retreat: Embodied Consciousness

Aruna Yoga is a practice that teaches us how to embody the yogic tools, technologies and awareness that help you live consciously. This awareness is transformational and liberating. It invites you to live the teachings off the mat and embody them into your lives!

Join Nicki Forman for four days immersion to learn how to embody the consciousness that sets you free. Attending all four mornings will deepen the immersion, but it’s also possible to attend single days.
These days are counted for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

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Aruna Yoga: Embodied Consciousness

Thursday 22nd August to Sunday 25th August 2019

With Nicki Forman

Located at Yogasite in Breda, Holland

September 2019

Aruna Anatomy and the Energy Body

with Dorinda Farver


This workshop will give you insights into how your Energy Body works most efficiently. 
Every physical ache and pain in the body has an emotional attachment to it. If you can find the weakest muscle and make it stronger, you will also free the emotion and come back into balance.  Having an understanding of these simple physical techniques, will give you a much deeper and effective way to practice and Heal!
A muscle strong and healthy because of the amount of energy flowing through it, not just due to the size of the muscle. When the energy runs, blockages are released.. Your body and mind can stay healthy and clear. 
Noticing energy is opening the door to meditation, which is your souls guide to wisdom.
This is not just lecturing information. 
You will practice/feel and walk away from this with a wisdom and understanding from your own personal (soul) experience.  

Friday 27th September 2019


Cost: 350 NIS
With Dorinda Farver

Located at Bnei Tzion, Israel

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